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Borneo Living Bontang Rattan Furniture For Home Furnishing

When it comes to home furnishing, the homeowner is spoiled for choice. Today, there are so many types of furniture to choose from that it can be confusing for the homeowner. For instance, there is wooden furniture, rattan products, plastic home items, etc. Out these, one particular categories stand out – rattan products. Here is why.

Rattan (or cane) is a great alternative as this tough material is cheaper, but it is also tough and long lasting. Many types of furniture made from these materials have been known to last for years. The cane has an elastic quality to it, and can withstand rough handling. It is also resistant to external elements such as moisture, insects, and plants.

Home items made from this materials are often used in settings that are relaxing. That is a unique characteristic of rattan. It helps people to relax. You often find this furniture in hotel and resort lobbies, gardens, backyards, and even study rooms.

Some homeowners believe that rattan is out of date and the furniture tends to look a tad too traditional. However, manufacturers have been keeping in stride with market changes. In fact, it is quite common to spot modern looking rattan furniture. These include sofa sets, bar seats, coffee tables, arm chairs, and more. As cane is a flexible material, it can take on almost any form and shape. Expect to see some really interesting and unique designs.

Retailers, manufacturers and distributors can buy wood and rattan furniture at wholesale prices for steeper discounts. Wood and rattan is here to stay, and have been gaining popularity among consumers. Stocking up on high demand products would seem like wise move for those who are in the home improvement industry.

We would please if you would like become one of our reseller to market our rattan furniture in your country.
We Build More Than Rattan Furniture. We Build Confidence From Nature of Borneo.

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